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"Concessions" and "Divergence"

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Claim: The X-Files: General Series
Title: Concessions (series)
Author: Deslea R. Judd (deslea)
Characters: Samantha Mulder/Jeffrey Spender, Cassandra Spender
Prompt: 19. Dark
Rating: R
Length: three longish stories in a series
Brief Summary: I don't read incest fic. In fact, I hate it, passionately. But Deslea is one of those authors I would trust with anything, so I took a chance. And I'm glad I did, because as disturbing as the story is, what's most disturbing about it is that the relationship in question is the healthiest thing Jeffrey and Samantha have going for them. It takes what we know about how the characters grew up--only ignoring the "starlight" crap, thankfully--and spins it out to its logical, bittersweet (however chilling) conclusion. I'll tell you right now: the story will *not* leave you feeling warm and fuzzy, but it's not meant to and considering the subject matter, I wouldn't like it if it did.
Link to the story:
Concessions Made
Concessions Broken
The Reckoning

Claim: The X-Files: General Series
Title: Divergence
Author: Emily M. (6beforelunch)
Characters: Diana Fowley/Fox Mulder
Prompt: 39. Break-Up
Length: roughly 1000 words
Brief Summary: When we met Diana Fowley, one of the first things we learned about her was that she and Mulder were together when he discovered the X-Files, and that the Lone Gunmen didn't know why they went their separate ways. This story answers that question, as well as a few others--like, were they married, how did Diana get involved with the Consortium and when and why. One of the things I loved about belonging to the haremxf community is that every author there has a way of making you take a second look at even the most despised "other women" in the fandom, and Emily is no exception. Her Diana is much deeper and more three-dimensional than the evil home-wrecker that most 'Shippers wanted to see and as is the case for most of the others too, no less than the character deserved.
Link to the story: Divergence
Tags: prompt: break-up, prompt: dark, x-files: general series

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