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"Not My Lover" and "The Last Worthless Evening"

A note before I begin, just to give you some background on my X-Files experience and what you can expect, as a result, from my recs. Basically, I started out as a Scullyist and 'Shipper, and ended as a Doggett fan, a member of the Harem of X-Files Other Women Defenders (haremxf), a Dipper, Skamper, and all-around unconventional 'shipper. My recs are favorites from every stage of that journey and all ratings, so just about the only things you won't find are slash and DRR, the only types of fic I never really read at any point.

My table

Claim: The X-Files: General Series
Title: Not My Lover
Author: Deslea R. Judd (deslea)
Characters: Alex Krycek/Marita Covarrubias, various Consortium members, Mulder, Scully/Skinner
Prompt: 13. Established Relationship
Rating: NC-17
Length: novel
Brief Summary: Beginning around the time of "Anasazi"/"The Blessing Way"/"Paperclip," this is essentially a retelling of seasons 2 through 5 through the eyes of Alex Krycek and Marita Covarrubias. Deslea has two great strengths as a writer: her grasp of the often-confusing mythology and ability to make sense of it for her readers, and her Krycek/Marita, and this is the best example of both. Alex and Marita are the protagonists, but they are not heroes: both know that their hands are dirty, but believe that their end--surviving Colonization, whether by themselves or with all of humanity--justifies the means. They are sympathetic without being out of character, largely because of the one good thing they both cling to in their lives--their relationship with each other.
Link to the story:
Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI | Part VII | Afterword

Claim: The X-Files: General Series
Title: The Last Worthless Evening
Author: Anne Hedonia (ahedonia)
Characters: John Doggett/Dana Scully, baby William, Scully/Mulder is absent but *very* present in spirit
Prompt: 01. First Time
Rating: NC-17
Length: umm...longish one-parter
Brief Summary: Written long before we knew when or under what circumstances Mulder would be back and set months after Scully's baby is born, therefore now AU. Basically, Scully and Doggett have been sleeping together for some time. Doggett knows Scully is just using him as a substitute for Mulder, but can't bring himself to break it off despite wanting more from her and being sure he'll never get it. This is about the night that everything changes, the first time it means something. Considered by many, and justly, IMO, to be the definitive DSR fic.
Link to the story: The Last Worthless Evening
Tags: prompt: established relationship, prompt: first time, x-files: general series

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