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30 December 2005 @ 07:19 pm
"Displays of Dominance" and "Skin & Bones"  

Claim: X-Men Movieverse, Rogue
Title: "Displays of Dominance"
Author: Diebin at Diebin Dot Net.
Characters: Bobby/Rogue, Wolverine
Prompt: 17. Jealousy
Rating: PG-13
Length: medium
Brief summary: Bobby, meet Wolverine. Wolverine, meet Bobby. This story gives Wolverine's point of view of that scene in the foyer in X2. Also, bonus! Read the remix that was done for the Remix... Redux challenge.

I'm a loner. I'm a fighter. I'm the Wolverine. Teenage girls shouldn't know me better than I know myself.

But she does, and those big, brown eyes are pleading with me not to react. Maybe she doesn't want to see her boyfriend humiliated.

But damn it, she should have thought of that before she started dated a little brat under the delusion that he was dominant to me.

Link to the story: Displays of Dominance and Displays of Dominance (The So Submissive Remix)

Claim: X-Men Movieverse, Rogue
Title: "Skin & Bones"
Author: Ransom at Eye Teeth and lilmissrrhood.
Characters: Wolverine/Rogue
Prompt: 19. Dark
Rating: R
Length: medium
Brief summary: Rogue gains control of her skin, but at a terrible cost to her and Logan. Logan lives with loving and hating her, at the same time.

They hadn’t talked about it. They’d just done it. Become a couple. In some ways, nothing had changed. They ate together and trained together and watched TV together and went out for a beer together. But now, at the end of the day, they went to bed together. And Logan, who had never spent more than a week with a woman in all the years he could remember, discovered that he very much liked waking up in the same bed with the same woman every morning.

She kept her own room, mostly just for the closet space, but also so she had a place to go when Logan’s infamous temper got the best of him. She’d retreat to her own territory, curl up on the bed she never slept in anymore, and read a book while she waited him out.

Yes, in some ways, nothing changed.

Logan wishes he could still say that.

Link to the story: Skin & Bones